The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


The Wedding

Gordon van Druten


is the 4th Great Grandson of Leonardo Quilietti

He was born on 13th September 1976 in Rotterdam.

His parents are Carel Van Druten, Junior, and Ria Noorlander.

Gordon lives in a place called Nieuwerkerk and for some reason it has a lion rampant.    Not sure what that means.    

He has recently married on 1st June 2012 to his long term girlfriend  Saskia Verkaik  and they have two little boys

Gordon and Saskia on their wedding day

Gordon Van Druten and Saskia Owen

Gordon and Saskia

5th generation descendant of Leonardo Quilietti

Gordon with his eldest son

happy birthday

a new generation of Dutch\Scots\Italians


What a handsome boy!!

another Handsome Boy!!

Look at this wonderful photo


2 Responses to “VAN DRUTEN, Gordon”

  1. Gordon,Saskia,Owen,Lyam says:

    Such a beautifull page! Good to know Saskia her next name isnt Owen,it is Verkaik. In the motherline of Saskia also have Italian blood!!
    Ever we will visit scotland,lots of love from us.

  2. Helen says:

    Hello Gordon and thank you so very much for getting in touch. Your Saskia has so many beautiful photographs on her facebook and the boys are very handsome of course, it is not easy to choose which ones to put on your pages. But these can be updated as you wish.

    I will sort out her surname. Hope all is well in Holland. We miss the visits from Carel and Betty of course and hopefully will catch up again very soon. Much love from bonny Scotland

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