The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Alfie Giulio 2013

A recent addition to the  Quilietti family comes in this lovely wee bundle

This is me , Alfie Giulio Quilietti, on my Christening Day, Sunday 17th August 2013 With my dad Ryan.
My dad had this tattoo made for me,
My Hibs Cake – and they got the spelling right!
Alfie Giulio on his Christening Day 17 August 2014
my family tree
Me again with my mum Sarajane Murray
Me again
my brother Sonny Leonardo born 2019
This is my grandad Graham Quilietti with his mum Theresa
My Grandad and Dad
My dad right at the front centre
Grandad Graham Quilietti
my handsome Great Grandad Giulio Quilietti. His family called him ‘Sonny’. I take my good looks from him of course
Julio, Nardo and Valentina Quilietti.  Julio is my great great Grandad
My great-great Grandad Juilio Emilio Quilietti. He was a hero during WWI.
1912. My great-great grandad Julio with his brother Nardo and sister Valentina. Also here is my great-great-grandaunt Louisa Brattesani. She brought up the Quilietti family after the deaths of their own parents.   I love this photo
This is my great-great grandad’s shop in the Royal Mile or the Canongate
This photo is of my great-great-great-grandad Emilio Quilietti. And stanting his brother Augusto Quilietti
Leonardo Quilietti and Eletta Brucciani my 4 x great grandparents. Photo taken in Barga in 1896.
The wee Church my 4 x great grandparents were married in 1866
My grandad inside the wee church in 2014
The wee Church in Castelvecchio Pascoli where it all began. My Conti and Brucciani ancestors have roots here back to 1638.
Castelvecchio Pascoli overlooking Barga 2014

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  1. Allison quilietti says:

    My amazing cousins Ryan quilietti and his sun Alfie quilietti xx

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